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When Control Controls You

07 September 2022

By Colin Turpin, MA, LPC-C

Edmond Family Counseling

Has your relationship with control in your life ever controlled you? Control is your ability to influence behavior, beliefs, or the outcome of a situation. You have zero control over the weather; yo...

Ways to Build Resilience

29 August 2022

By Lisa Kadavy, Edmond Family Counseling

What is resilience? Resilience is the ability to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events. Being resilient does not mean that people do not experience stress, emotional upheaval and suffering. Life has it ups and downs. We all experience s...

Learning to Take a Pause

23 June 2022

By Jamie Prisco-Rudolph

Edmond Family Counseling

Throughout our day, we encounter countless stressors that can cause us to feel overwhelmed and emotionally drained. Once we start to experience these feelings of stres...

How to Die Young From Stress

23 March 2022

By Colin Turpin, MA, LPC-C

Edmond Family Counseling

As a counselor, people always ask me about how to have more stress in their lives. I will frequently get questioned about tips and tricks to stop being so happy and relaxed all of the time. I get it! You all had wonderful, prosperous, restful years and need so...

Brain Plasticity

16 February 2022

By: Lisa Kadavy

Edmond Family Counseling

Brain plasticity also known as neuroplasticity is a term that refers to the brain’s ability to change and adapt as a result of experience. Neuro refers to neurons, the nerve cells that are building blocks of the brain and nervous system and plasticity refers to the brains malleabilit...

Be S.M.A.R.T. in the New Year of 2022

11 January 2022

By Jamie Prisco-Rudolph

Edmond Family Counseling

In the weeks leading up to 2022, I started to hear talk around the office about resolutions for the New Year. One of my co-workers set a goal of reading more books while another co-worker decided they wanted to eat more vegetables. Their new goals made m...

Grieving Through the Holidays

08 December 2021

By Amanda Beck

Grief is one of those things in life that can make a person feel swallowed by the world and empowered to live in each moment, sometimes at the same time. Though sometimes painful, grief is a human experience that for most is inevitable at some point in life. For many, the grief can be a sharp or acute so...

How to Converse with Controversy

08 November 2021

By: Colin Turpin

Edmond Family Counseling

Fall is upon us! For many, this time of year is reminiscent of holidays, family gatherings, and connecting with others. Everything starts going so well during your yearly traditions, but then IT happens: Your uncle brings up their view on vaccines. Your sister starts a tirade about reli...

Country and Western Therapy VI

15 September 2021

By John Goetz,  Edmond Family Counseling

Sometimes events in life help you gain layers of perspective. If nothing else the last year and a half has added a layer of experience to all of our lives. We have been flexible and we have adapted. Some have struggled more than others and this article is tor the strugg...

The Four Functions That Drive All Behavior

10 August 2021

Colin Turpin, MA, LPC-C

As a therapist, I often see the everyday challenges of unexplained or spontaneous behavior: “He hit his sister for no reason”, “I got up all of a sudden and had to run”, or “They are being disrespectful just out of the blue”. Unexplained behavior is quite common and can be a significant frustrat...

Communication and Your Teen

19 July 2021

By Amanda Beck

Edmond Family Counseling

Every day I hear adolescents who complain about their parents and how they “just don’t listen”. Similarly, I also hear parents make the very same complaint about their teens. So where is the disconnect? It seems that for many, a breakdown in communication may be to bl...

A Simple Look at Human Behavior

22 June 2021

By John Goetz

Edmond Family Counseling

At first glance, most would agree that people are complicated and that there are always exceptions when talking about individuals. This has not stopped theorists in psychology from trying to simplify human behavior into models and theories which predict or explain human behavior. This is ...

You’re OK

24 May 2021

By Audrey Woods

Edmond Family Counseling

We have this instinct when in the presence of a crying baby or whiney child - to stop the crying and whining, to do anything and everything to make it stop. Often, this takes the form of parents gently (and sometimes not so gently) saying something like, ...

Healing Through Creativity

28 April 2021

by Jamie Prisco-Rudolph, M.A.

Art therapy can be described in many different ways, but the most simplistic way to define it is by using artistic mediums as an outlet for the therapeutic process. The mediums could be anything that inspires artistic expression such as drawing, painting, sculpting, making collages, a...

Symptoms of Anxiety

11 March 2021

By Amanda Beck,M.A.,  Edmond Family Counseling

Anxiety can appear in many forms. This may look like tightness in the chest, increased heart rate, sweaty hands, shaking, upset stomach, and repetitive intrusive thoughts among others. For some, these symptoms could come at the thought of meeting new people. F...

How to Promote Independent Play

11 March 2021

Audrey Woods, Staff Therapist, M.A., NCC, Edmond Family Counseling

Whether your kiddo is a toddler or a teenager, we all need a few minutes to get stuff done throughout the day. Have you ever been trying to cook dinner while your toddler desperately grasps at your shins as though they are being ripped away from you...

Coping Through the Winter Blues

04 December 2020

By Amber Walter

Edmond Family Counseling

Isn’t it interesting how different people are? Different likes, dislikes, opinions, wants, needs, tastes, personalities…the list goes on. Something as natural and predictable as the seasons changing can trigger different reactions in people. With winter comes colder weather, shorter days,...

Ways to Help Your Child Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

04 December 2020

By Lisa Kadavy

Edmond Family Counseling

As we enter into the Thanksgiving season, I reflect on how fortunate we are to be living the life we have and the importance of teaching children to be grateful. By learning gratitude, children become sensitive to the feelings of others, by developing empathy and other life skills along t...

Parent Power II

04 December 2020

In past articles I have mentioned a book, Parent Power by Dr. Logan Wright. Logan was the president of the American Psychological Association at the time he wrote Parent Power and he summarized or condensed what we knew at that time empirically regarding parenting. I am going to apply some of this information to young adults as they transit...

What is Attachment?

12 November 2020

By: Audrey Woods, M.A., LPC 

You’re sitting with your newborn, it’s 4 o’clock in the morning, neither of you have slept very much, and yet here you are: awake. Those first few months with a baby are, shall we say, challenging. In the sleep deprived stupor, there can also be a profound sense of...

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