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Elementary School Programs

Edmond Family Counseling currently provides two Elementary School programs for 3rd and 5th grade students.

3rd Grade Calm Academy

EFC’s “Calm Academy,” in partnership with Edmond Public Schools and the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs, provides 3rd grade students research-based instruction on stress reduction strategies to be utilized in any setting to decrease student anxiety and improve individual performance in stressful situations and environments.

The Calm Academy approach for elementary school students consists of two 45-minute sessions scheduled over a two-day period. The program is facilitated to all 3rd grade students in each homeroom class. Each session is developmentally structured to teach elementary students how to recognize and effectively deal with daily and situational stressors. Students or “Cadets” are taught to identify and evaluate personal stressors and then instructed on how to appropriately manage them through “Chill Drills”; fun, experiential, research-based cognitive behavioral group activities. During Calm Academy, each “Cadet” will be given a “Handbook” to record their experience and take home to share with parents upon completion of the program.

5th Grade LifeSkills Boot Camp

EFC’s LifeSkills Boot Camp is a research-based, innovative instructional program that has been made available to Edmond Public School students as a result of Oklahoma HB 2641 signed by Governor Mary Fallin in May of 2012.

In partnership with Edmond Public Schools, EFC provides 5th grade students the opportunity to participate in a mini LifeSkills program consisting of four 45-minute sessions scheduled over a 4-day period. This program is facilitated to each 5th grade homeroom class and targets areas that are essential for the successful transition of the 5th grade student into the middle school environment.

Created by Dr. Gilbert J. Botvin from Cornell University, LifeSkills Training has been endorsed for program excellence by the U.S. Department of Education and the American Medical Association. The strength of the program is in its flexible, interactive approach which provides students life skills instruction with a certified LifeSkills Coach. The focus of the program is to assist students with their own personal development via experiential activities, group discussion, and peer interaction in the following areas:

  • Self-Image and Self-Improvement
  • Goal Setting and Decision Making
  • Anxiety and Assertiveness
  • Anger and Conflict Resolution
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