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Edmond Family Counseling passionately strives to be the premier mental health resource in our community. Our vision is to optimize personal potential through expanding knowledge, early intervention, encouraging dialogue, increasing awareness, and minimizing stigma. A catalyst for mental well-being, Edmond Family Counseling will evolve, grow, and provide excellence in services at an affordable cost to our community. Responsive to the needs of clients, we will continue to foster, and nurture an environment that is safe, confidential, and professional.

Mission Statement

Edmond Family Counseling is committed to strengthening families, individuals, and our community by championing mental health through prevention, education, and counseling.

Core Values

The Core values governing Edmond Family Counseling's development will include the following:

  • Integrity/Ethics
  • Confidentiality
  • Excellence in Service
  • Respect for All Citizens
  • Professional Growth
  • Accountability
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