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The Four Functions That Drive All Behavior

10 August 2021

Colin Turpin, MA, LPC-C

As a therapist, I often see the everyday challenges of unexplained or spontaneous behavior: “He hit his sister for no reason”, “I got up all of a sudden and had to run”, or “They are being disrespectful just out of the blue”. Unexplained behavior is quite common and can be a significant frustrat...

Communication and Your Teen

19 July 2021

By Amanda Beck

Edmond Family Counseling

Every day I hear adolescents who complain about their parents and how they “just don’t listen”. Similarly, I also hear parents make the very same complaint about their teens. So where is the disconnect? It seems that for many, a breakdown in communication may be to bl...

A Simple Look at Human Behavior

22 June 2021

By John Goetz

Edmond Family Counseling

At first glance, most would agree that people are complicated and that there are always exceptions when talking about individuals. This has not stopped theorists in psychology from trying to simplify human behavior into models and theories which predict or explain human behavior. This is ...

You’re OK

24 May 2021

By Audrey Woods

Edmond Family Counseling

We have this instinct when in the presence of a crying baby or whiney child - to stop the crying and whining, to do anything and everything to make it stop. Often, this takes the form of parents gently (and sometimes not so gently) saying something like, ...

Healing Through Creativity

28 April 2021

by Jamie Prisco-Rudolph, M.A.

Art therapy can be described in many different ways, but the most simplistic way to define it is by using artistic mediums as an outlet for the therapeutic process. The mediums could be anything that inspires artistic expression such as drawing, painting, sculpting, making collages, a...

Symptoms of Anxiety

11 March 2021

By Amanda Beck,M.A.,  Edmond Family Counseling

Anxiety can appear in many forms. This may look like tightness in the chest, increased heart rate, sweaty hands, shaking, upset stomach, and repetitive intrusive thoughts among others. For some, these symptoms could come at the thought of meeting new people. F...

How to Promote Independent Play

11 March 2021

Audrey Woods, Staff Therapist, M.A., NCC, Edmond Family Counseling

Whether your kiddo is a toddler or a teenager, we all need a few minutes to get stuff done throughout the day. Have you ever been trying to cook dinner while your toddler desperately grasps at your shins as though they are being ripped away from you...

Coping Through the Winter Blues

04 December 2020

By Amber Walter

Edmond Family Counseling

Isn’t it interesting how different people are? Different likes, dislikes, opinions, wants, needs, tastes, personalities…the list goes on. Something as natural and predictable as the seasons changing can trigger different reactions in people. With winter comes colder weather, shorter days,...

Ways to Help Your Child Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

04 December 2020

By Lisa Kadavy

Edmond Family Counseling

As we enter into the Thanksgiving season, I reflect on how fortunate we are to be living the life we have and the importance of teaching children to be grateful. By learning gratitude, children become sensitive to the feelings of others, by developing empathy and other life skills along t...

Parent Power II

04 December 2020

In past articles I have mentioned a book, Parent Power by Dr. Logan Wright. Logan was the president of the American Psychological Association at the time he wrote Parent Power and he summarized or condensed what we knew at that time empirically regarding parenting. I am going to apply some of this information to young adults as they transit...

What is Attachment?

12 November 2020

By: Audrey Woods, M.A., LPC 

You’re sitting with your newborn, it’s 4 o’clock in the morning, neither of you have slept very much, and yet here you are: awake. Those first few months with a baby are, shall we say, challenging. In the sleep deprived stupor, there can also be a profound sense of...

Edmond Family Counseling Assists Community

24 October 2020

By Lisa Kadavy

Are you aware Edmond Family Counseling (EFC) is located in the heart of Edmond, Oklahoma, at 1251 N. Broadway, and has been serving the community of Edmond since the 1970’s? Although Edmond Family Counseling shares a building with The Hope Center of Edmond, we are a completely different entity. While both organiz...

Relationship Woes and Mental Health

30 September 2020

By Jamie Prisco-Rudolph

Often times when interacting with young adults on the topic of dating abuse and intimate partner violence, they will state "relationships suck!” and "why do we need to talk about this?!” These are all valid comments considering their age. To my surprise, as I start my talking points, some of the young adult...

Trauma and the responsibility of change

12 September 2019

Chad McCoy, M.A., LPC   

Traumatic events are horrible. Often they are the extreme closing of the gap between the malevolence of what I know can happen within the world and what has happened to me within my life. For instance: Many of us won't maybe say this aloud, but your loved ones are one car ride away from never ...

A Diet for Your Brain??

12 September 2019

Monica Whitten, Edmond Family Counseling Practicum Student

Most of us think about our physical health quite a bit, whether it’s wishing you were a few pounds lighter, thinking about your blood pressure, trying to fix chronic tummy trouble, etc. In an attempt to remedy these concerns, many people resort to a va...

My Privilege

31 August 2018

By: John Goetz

Webster’s dictionary says a privilege is a right or immunity granted as a particular benefit, advantage, or favor. It is time that I address two of my privileges in life. First is I married a great cook. Yes due to no skills of my own I married an individual with generations of food knowledge. Why is this...


27 July 2018

By: Audrey Woods, LCP Candidate

I’m reading this novel about a man who was born in the 16th century and is still alive today. With lifetimes of experience the main character, Tom, observes “what defines a human being is being a human.” I believe we are too often picking apart or overthinking new people or experiences to an unhelpful ...

Sheila’s Self Care Quarterly Check Up

19 April 2018

After making a commitment during 2018 to actively participate in self-investment by finding two days per month to specifically devote to meeting my own needs, I feel compelled to provide a first quarter report on my progress.In part, it’s this stems from the need to hold myself accountable and make sustainable strides in self-care.To ...

Parkland Shooter

09 April 2018

By: Quinton Ellis, LPC

As a person, I can offer you no comfort about events like the recent school shooting in Florida, As a therapist, I may, in some respects, be able to offer even less. I have a master’s degree in counseling psychology and years of experience in my field – but in many regards, your guess is as good as mine a...

The Nature of Domestic Violence

09 April 2018

By: John Goetz, LPC

As the survivors of the Florida school shooting head back to school and the nation focuses its attention on the why and how of this tragic event, I would like to suggest we pull ourselves away from the headlines and place some of our focus on a type of violence that literally strikes people in ...

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