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Parenting is a Year Round Sport!

13 April 2013

By Sheila Stinnett, LPC

As we progress through the spring months and the school year comes to a close, it is important to remember that in our job as parents we get no vacations. As students escape the daily demands of their classrooms for carefree days in neighborhoods and substitute school hallways for local malls and highways, good co...

Making Resolutions vs. Making Resolutions Happen

28 December 2012
By Belinda Crosier

Something about the dawning of a brand new year seems to stir in us that urge for new-ness in other areas of our lives as well; hence the birth of New Year's resolutions a new diet or exercise plan, a new-found ability to locate things once we clean out closet-- a new US in one sense or another. I doubt I'm unusua...

Support Your Kids Through Thick & Thin

01 October 2012
By Darcy McConnell, M.Ed., LADC, LPC

The month of October has been a busy month at EFC. School started in August and some were off to college while others were another year closer to high school graduation. Everyone seemed to settle in fine; some were attending football games while others were living on their own for the first time....

Back to School

10 August 2012
By Belinda Crosier, M.E., LPC

Once again, summer has flown & the schoolhouse doors will soon reopen. There is something innately liberating about summer less regimented schedules & more freedom to do as the mood moves us. For many parents, however, its a something of a comfort to have the structure of school once again imposed on th...

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